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Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Reviews – Excellent Budget Sound System

Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar ReviewsIt is a well known fact that, most of the TV’s in-built speaker quality is not that great. Buying a clutter-free sound bar is possibly the best way to improve the functionality, and performance without compromising on design and looks. Sound bars like the Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater can also come handy when you are short on space and don’t want to spend an awful lot of time to setup your new audio system.


The design of the sound bar is pretty cool, which looks like an hexagonal tube. The dimensions of which are, 4x37x3.5 (HWD). The tube weighs around 6 pounds and is wall mountable. Although it is compatible with a lot of HDTVs sold in the market, it looks good with any TV which has a 40 inch screen. The hexagonal bar can also be perched on a stand under the television. The control panel on the front blends well with the unique form-factor of the device and doesn’t look strange. There is an LED display present to show the active input and also helps you navigate between various settings.

All the connectivity ports are present on the back. There is an coaxial audio ports, RCA, wireless adapter socket to hook up the sub-woofer that comes with the bar.


There are certain features in certain products that can make the product stand out from the crowd. In the case of the Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar, it is the Bluetooth capability of the device. I bought this to enhance the audio quality of my television, but the main reason for me to buy this product is the Bluetooth feature. Most of the smart phones, tablets and laptops these days are equipped with Bluetooth. This helps you convert your puny mobile phone or tablet it to an awesome sound system.


The subwoofer bundled with the sound bar measures 115.3 (H) X10.6 (W) X10.6 (D). Its look nothing more than a black cube equipped with firing ports (downward). The basic notification purpose is served by a single LED present on the front of the woofer. There are only 2 buttons on the box, one is the power button and the other is the sync button. After setting up, the subwoofer will automatically pair with the sound bar. The setup process is pretty straightforward.


The remote provided is very much functional, however could take some time to get used. The remote looks pretty basic, with a directional pad for playback controls, navigations, and to access the preset “Sound fields” (Standard, Music, Game, Movie, etc). Needless to say it also has volume controls and input buttons.


The bass output from the subwoofer is pretty good for its size and cost. The audio quality is also pretty good, but not as great as the huge, high-end, surround sound systems sold in the market. Treble doesn’t sound that great when in normal mode, for certain kind of audios, however, changing the preset “Sound Fields” helps to fix it. I connected my Samsung Android phone with the system and listened to one of my favorite songs, “Wish Your Were Here by Pink Floyd,” The heavy guitar beat seems to suppress the vocals, but when the mode was changed to “Music” everything seemed to be good. But, one has to understand the fact that, any sound bar for that matter has to deal with issues like, mediocre sound field, and distance in-between the drivers.

Design: 4.9 / 5; Performance: 4.4 / 5; Features & Ease of Use: 4.8 / 5.

Average: 4.6 up on 5.

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Pros: Value for money, Bluetooth, Good subwoofer

Cons: Treble is not that great, however can be improved with the right mode.

Sony HTCT260 VS Sony HTCT660 VS Yamaha YAS-101BL

TitleSony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater SystemSony HT-CT660 46-Inch Sound Bar with Wireless SubwooferYamaha YAS-101BL Front Surround System, Piano Black
Feature2.1 Channel; 300W (85W x 2 + 130W) Sound bar
Wireless Subwoofer: place it anywhere in your room
S-Force pro front surround sound
Wirelessly stream music from bluetooth enabled devices
Perfect fit for a 40 inch or larger HDTV
46" 330W 2.1ch High Definition Sound bar w/wireless subwoofer
HDMI inputs x 3, analog audio, & digital optical inputs
Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth devices w/just one-touch
Experience HD sound1 with Dolby TrueHD & dts-HD Master Audio
S-Force PRO Front Surround 3D virtual surround sound
Slim, low-profile, one-body design allows positioning in front of a TV
AIR SURROUND XTREME delivers 7.1-channel surround sound
UniVolume keeps programs and commercials at the same volume level
Learning function enables operation from the TV remote control
Audio Delay Control (Lip Sync) adjusts discrepancies between picture and vocals
Height4 inch4.29 inch4.25 inch
Weight21.8 pound26.6 pound9.3 pound
Width37 inch40.5 inch4.75 inch
Length3.5 inch3.7 inch35 inch
Warranty2 years parts, 2 years labor
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

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All-in-all it is a competent sound bar that gets the jobs done. I’m very much happy with the system and don’t thing there is a sound bar in the market with an ultra-modern design and features with a modest price tag as the HTCT260. I don’t think any other sound bar would had earned more than 4.3 rating from me in this price range. This sound bar is a definitely a great bang for the buck.

The Sony HT-CT260 sound bar could be a great addition to your HDTV and makes a high-quality sound system for a nominal price. Setting up the wireless subwoofer is child’s play and performance is pretty good for listening to music and watching movies. The built-in Bluetooth is truly the icing on the cake and open ups the system to connect many wireless devices like phones and tablets. If you are willing to pay slightly more and don’t want to deal with a separate subwoofer, you should also take a look at the Yamaha YAS-101. But, the bar might seem a bit bulkier since the subwoofer is integrated right in to the sound bar.

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